Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boobs, Bump and Gear...

First, whenever I look at the picture I have on this page, I think "wow, I don't look like that now!" LOL I can't wait to get a little bigger and post a picture of me running with my big prego belly! I'm thinking about planning a photo shoot--I want LOTS of pregnant belly running pictures!!

Despite feeling a little tired and having some round ligament discomfort all day at work, I decided to get out and get moving a little after work. I knew I didn't have a lot to give so I told myself, "Go out and do 20 minutes, girl! You can do that!" And I did a little more than 20 minutes. But it was rough out there. It was the warmest day this year by far--not sure of the exact temp but it had to be in the lower to mid 80's. I ended up doing a lot more walking than normal just to feel comfortable but even when I walked, I pushed it hard. My butt could feel it!

So some things have changed now that I'm a little further along in the pregnancy--tomorrow I will be at 20 weeks! It's amazing and I'm so very excited! But it's hard to get used to all of the changes that my body has gone through. First of all, my breasts are HEAVY. I have NEVER had this problem in my life. I've always been on the smaller side up that way and to have these --things--up there that I've never had before is a new and dreadful experience. They bounce more, they hang more, they just ARE more. Weird.

The belly bump--it's like I'm carrying a fanny pack with a 5 pound weight in there or something. I find myself wanting to hold it from the bottom while I run. And at this stage in my pregnancy, I think I still look like I had *too many donuts and beer* and it's all just settling in up front. Perhaps by six months, I may look truly pregnant. But then I'll just feel like I have a bigger dumbbell hanging out in my fanny pack. I really need to look into buying a support belt for my workouts.

And for the most recent change with which I've been dealing--my running wardrobe is failing me. I've always had just enough of the right kinds of running clothes, and I've been happy with that fact. Now, though, I can't quite enjoy much of what I own. First of all, the things that DO fit just aren't flattering anymore! But the truth is, some of it just doesn't fit well enough to wear anymore. I've been shopping online for maternity running gear and I've discovered two things about it. One--if it's reasonably priced, it's cotton. COME ON! Two--if it's not cotton, it's not reasonably priced. What is the deal, people? Why is there not a line of reasonably priced, decent looking running gear made out of a wicking fabric for PREGNANT WOMEN?

I'm getting irritable and it's NOT because I'm pregnant! I had my run today, so I'm good!

Happy Running, folks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tough 2 Miler

Today was the first day I've run since last Saturday--and while it was nice to get out, it was a pretty horrendous 2 miler. I don't know what the issue was but I do know that everyone has bad days, pregnancy causes more bad running days for me, and I've gained almost 5 pounds in 7 days. So I guess it all makes sense now. LOL

I'm glad I got out there today even though it was a rough one--but I wanted to share even these experiences. As amazing as pregnancy is, and as good as I've been feeling lately, there are still tough days! We're only human!

Happy Running!