Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am not being lazy right now...

It's been far too long, yes, I know! Just been healing up from my injury and slowly adding mileage. Funny how quickly your body LOSES fitness, and at the same time, how quickly it can regain it. I am not pushing myself at all--I refuse to push so hard that I don't allow myself healing time and I definitely don't want to be down for so long again. It's been torture. Since I began running a few miles a week, I have been much happier. Nothing, not even P90X gave me the same feeling as a good run did. Totally different beast, it is.

So I'm coming back--slow as molasses. But I AM returning and loving it. I went out on Tuesday and had the most horrendous run. Before leaving the house, I vowed to do 4 miles. No problem, I thought. I get out there and my elbow started sweating. Yes, my ELBOW! So I said, "Hey, do 3, that's a respectable number." Everything was dripping and drenched and I felt horrible. I knocked out 2 miles. I felt like a chump. No typo there. CHUMP.

Everything is great, FYI. Wedding planning, happy with running again, just living life and hoping for the best every day! How are YOU doing?