Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am not being lazy right now...

It's been far too long, yes, I know! Just been healing up from my injury and slowly adding mileage. Funny how quickly your body LOSES fitness, and at the same time, how quickly it can regain it. I am not pushing myself at all--I refuse to push so hard that I don't allow myself healing time and I definitely don't want to be down for so long again. It's been torture. Since I began running a few miles a week, I have been much happier. Nothing, not even P90X gave me the same feeling as a good run did. Totally different beast, it is.

So I'm coming back--slow as molasses. But I AM returning and loving it. I went out on Tuesday and had the most horrendous run. Before leaving the house, I vowed to do 4 miles. No problem, I thought. I get out there and my elbow started sweating. Yes, my ELBOW! So I said, "Hey, do 3, that's a respectable number." Everything was dripping and drenched and I felt horrible. I knocked out 2 miles. I felt like a chump. No typo there. CHUMP.

Everything is great, FYI. Wedding planning, happy with running again, just living life and hoping for the best every day! How are YOU doing?


Some guy named John said...

It's great to see you back in BlogLand! Rebuilding slowly post-injury is good, smart thinking. Keep us posted on your progress!

I've had lots of runs like that one, though I can't say as how I've ever noticed sweaty elbows ...

Modern Marvel said...

That's how I knew I was too hot--my elbow was sweating! It was dripping. Ewww!!!

Hua said...


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