Saturday, April 10, 2010

Muscles < Lungs, 1 wall < 2 walls

Today has been fantastic!! This morning was perfect weather for me (okay not perfect, but close.) Got started just before 7:30 on Scenic Loop at Cherokee Park. I planned on doing the full loop once to start and then take off to Seneca park. But I saw a trailhead in a place I've NEVER seen before, so I took it! I ended up on that trail 3 times before the morning ended! Lots of fun!

What I saw today:

More trailheads than I've ever noticed!
A pretty orange tabby cat, who stared at me lovingly as I ran by on a trail.
More runners on Beargrass Road than I've ever before seen...
A woman who looked at me with a puzzled face when I didn't move because SHE was going the wrong way. (I know I'm mean!)
A cyclist who said "Thanks" when I didn't move out of his way because pedestrians have the right of way.
That same cyclists partner who rode behind him, saying, "Sorry." LOL
A dead mouse. It looked flat as a pancake but was totally intact.
Lots of people asking for directions!
My legs screaming, if I could see that.

My legs did NOT have enough stamina today. My breathing was perfect...I only felt out of breath a few times during tough trail conditions or a big uphill but it never lasted long. But my poor legs...they felt like so heavy and achy by mile 7, which is WAY too early for that. I'm going to assume it was the heavy trail running I did to start the run. The first 6 miles were mostly on trails and I guess they just aren't ready for that right now. It sure was more fun though! Trail running is a dream for me!

Running to Seneca took some work because I was already exhausted--actually ready to turn back to the car and call it a day. But when I got there, I stopped, ate half of a Luna bar, hydrated and stretched my tired legs out. I felt fresh and ready to go again for another 3 -4 miles. Then I hit the second wall. OUCH! The last 2 miles were GRUELING. My legs would not move. I finished the 13.1 miles in 3:06. The thing I'm proud of is that I have consistently stuck to the RWR intervals. It's difficult but I do it!

I didn't mention that today, I ran/walked at a 2:00/1:40 ratio, just to test it out. I actually don't blame that change for my poor last half performance, I really think it was the trails. But I do think I'll go back to the 2:2 ratio for the race.

Getting close...and I'm getting excited!

Happy Running!

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