Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taper, Base and Race

If you have a problem with dogs chasing you when you run...don't buy that shoe! (On the other hand, if you need a little motivation to run faster, try them out!)

This last week+ was a taper period for me. I'm going to pick back up with base training as soon as I start feeling better--apparently I'm coming down with something. My mom and I did the 3 mile American Heart Walk across 2nd Street Bridge in the morning which was great fun but I started feeling a little worse after it was over. At DBF's brother's birthday party yesterday evening, I felt pretty crappy the entire time. So today, I slept in instead of doing any training at all, and I'm okay with that decision. I believe my body thanks me. Now, if only running will do the same thing when we meet this week...

We'll see.

I don't remember if I mentioned this but I've already registered for the KDF Mini-Marathon! And earlier today, I registered for the Komen Race for the Cure (5K) and I'm super excited about that! Great cause and it'll be my reintroduction to the racing world after 5 months! I can't wait! My goal is to run sub 35:00, think I can do it? :)

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wmd said...

Thanks for checkin out my blog!

I hope you start feeling better, and good luck on the upcoming races. I pray that they will go well and look forward to seeing the race reports!