Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mad Hills Son!

The title is dedicated to Joe!

So yeah, I'm mad at Iroquois Park right now.


Our group did the STUPID loop twice, and then added on a mere 7 miles at the end of that. STUPID!

I hurt. I feel like I got a bad case of the flu, but only from the waist down. *sigh*

I ended up with another distance PR, at 13.52 today. We pushed each other along at different times and I'm so glad to have such a great group to run with!

Plus, I'm pretty excited that Joe said he's interested in running the Millenium Trail with me after the Mini--that'll be 13.3 miles of trail running bliss!

I'm gonna go cry now.


bb said...

WOW! You all are studs!

joec0602 said...

You are a trooper. After I crumbled at 11 miles, you guys kept me going. The last 2 miles made me feel as if I'm 100 years old!!! :)