Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank You

I need to say thank you to a few folks for making my first half-marathon everything that it was.

Thanks to all of the race officials and any and everybody that had anything at all to do with planning, organizing and executing this event. At least from my perspective, in my running shoes for 13.1 miles, all aspects of this race were executed to near perfection (with only one or two minor things that I didn't actually let effect my race experience). The volunteers were generally helpful and READY, the police officers were incredibly friendly and dutiful, the announcers were motivating and fun and it was just a great and smooth experience. THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of you wonderful spectators--even if you weren't at THIS race. I don't think people realize how much a few words of encouragement, a funny sign or some sort of noisemaker can actually HELP runners. I'm all for a clap, a yell or even just an outreached hand to slap when I run by, and thank you to everybody out there yesterday that did that! (My favorite was probably the group of drunk guys on Southern Parkway, they were a hoot!)

Thank you to my mom and to Joey and his parents for the constant support I receive. From motivating words, running magazine subscriptions, my GARMIN!!!, to just being there to cheer me on at races or to take pictures--and to listen to my incessant running-related and training stories--THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!

And last but CERTAINLY not least--thank you to my running buddies and everybody at Run the Ville. I love the support I get from these folks and a special shoutout goes out to Joe and Tom. Thank you for welcoming me and for motivating me and for helping me. The Mini wouldn't have been as great without you guys, no questions asked. And Christian and Lee, you guys have been great to run with and I hope we all continue to find time to train together for our next big endeavor, whatever it might be. And actually, I want to thank everybody's family because without their understanding and supportive nature, it wouldn't be as easy or as fun.


tjohnson1970 said...

I totally agree. I would say most all aspects of this race were pretty awesome. The spectators were sooooo appreciated.

And you just rock. We really appreciate having you as a part of the family.

joec0602 said...

Well said and I agree!! You are awesome!! Now, attend to those injuries so we can run!

Lenore said...

Awesome job!!! Especially since you're also nursing an injury and the freakin' course was melting everybody. Next year's bound to be better. Think you might do the marathon instead of the half?