Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trail Running with My Other Buddy...

Chassis and I went to Bernheim today for some official trail running! This wasn't her first time out on the trails but it was her first time trail running with me. We had a blast! We entered the park, and the attendant at the entrance booth smiled and said "You guys have fun!" That's right, mister, we're two hot chics looking for some hot trails!!!

I took her to the Zen Garden first, which is a favorite of mine. (I'm going to post a couple of pictures but they aren't from today's visit--just some of my own stock photos from previous visits there!)

She was amazed at the sound of a frog croaking continuously. It was here that I also taught her to overcome her fears! I crossed to the other side of the pond and she froze in fear and cowered! I talked her through it, trying to make her feel comfortable enough to just let go and trust herself and she DID IT!!!! It wasn't graceful but she did it and she did it twice!

We then headed over to Knob Top Trail, which is a RIDICULOUSLY hilly trail and if you take it in the direction that we did today, you go uphill most of the time. LOL We had a blast running through there. She tried to run in front of me a couple of times but I was NOT going to let her pass me, not a chance! So I made sure to keep the lead throughout the trail.

From the exit of Knob Top Trail, which is where we entered for today's run:

From Knob Top Trail, we ran over to Two Ponds Loop:

Beyond the bridge, she saw a goose and was quite interested by him. He was NOT happy that we were there and he was very vocal about his feelings--not a typical male, if you ask me. LOL After torturing him for awhile, we exited onto the main road. We followed along the loop and stopped near the Sun and Shade Loop to rest up. I didn't want to push her too hard today but she was having so much fun! (Still no water at the fountains...wondering if they'll ever turn it back on?)

After we reached the parking lot, I grabbed some treats and water and we walked back over to the Zen Gardens and to Lake Nevin. We sat together on the bench and admired the lake and all its beauty! (If you look closely on the left of the picture below, amongst the trees, you'll find the bench on which Chassis and I rested today!)

Total run was just about 3 miles but we had a ball and I really wanted to test out my leg. There's still discomfort but at short easy runs, I think I'll be okay. I'll just need to allow proper recovery even between the easy runs for now!

Happy Running everybody!


tjohnson1970 said...

Man it sounds like you 2 had a great time out there. Just imagine how much fun you 2 are going to have out there this summer.

Modern Marvel said...

It is so much fun to take her out but my gosh, coming home with ticks is getting old.