Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Downdate (as opposed to an update)...

I have been a little quiet recently, I realize that. It's not that I don't WANT to update you guys, it's just that I don't really have anything exciting or special to report. In fact, I've been pretty bummed and down since the KDF Mini-Marathon.

I know what you're thinking--I've got those Post-Race Blues. You know, the Blues when you finish your BIG RACE and you look around and say, "Now what?" And you get all anxious because nothing will ever compare to that feeling of accomplishment you just experienced. Or something like that.

Well, if that's what you were thinking, you're wrong. The night before the Mini, I hurt myself. I have been calling it a hamstring tear. I have not had it professionally evaluated but I gave it my best guess. I don't need to hear about how I should go see the doctor. I've heard it before.

So I ran with that injury during the Half Marathon. I was in severe pain for the last 4 miles or so, but I pushed through. I stayed off of it for about two weeks after--no running. I was okay with that because I had planned a pretty substantial rest period after the race anyway. But I got the bug to start running again and I felt no pain so I went for it. 2.5 miles in, I was in pain again. So now, I'm going on one month of *pretty much* no running and I'm SO frustrated. I WANT to run.

I was supposed to be training for my 10K in June but I haven't even been able to start because of this injury. I'm just bummed.

I've been cycling and doing P90X, plus a lot of strength training and plyometrics but those activities don't make me feel the way (the GREAT way) I feel when I run. I MISS IT.

I figured that I better start planning something for myself so that I don't get stuck in a RUT and do myself a huge injustice. This is hard for me because THIS round of planning requires wisdom, patience, determination and honesty.

1. Wisdom--to know the difference between the things I can do and the things I cannot do. (Sounds sort of like the Serenity Prayer, huh?)

2. Patience--in allowing my body to heal and in training when I DO start running again.

3. Determination--to fight through the laziness and stay focused on a target goal since I don't have a race urgently waiting for me around the corner.

4. Honesty--with myself. I can't conquer the world. I HAVE to heal. I WON'T be as good when I start running again as I was when I stopped. I WILL have to work hard. I WON'T be able to keep up with my running buddies. I MIGHT get down on myself. I will probably feel alone for awhile. I WILL get better. Everything WILL be great, in time.

So now, I have to create some goals and make a plan. That'll be the next entry--just wait!


tjohnson1970 said...

About damn time! LOL Had to return the favor.

It's good to hear you are putting together a plan. Got to have a plan to get back on track.

Ed Hammerbeck said...

I wondered where you were. Glad your back and on the mend. Take it easy.

bb said...

Awww, runner sads...I know how you feel...keep up with the cycling and crosstraining and get back at it when you are healthy.

Think about how GREAT it will feel to run with no pain!

Modern Marvel said...

Thanks guys!

Some guy named John said...

Been there, done that! I know just how it feels to be kept from running by injury or illness. And it sounds like your attitude is in the right place.

I'm not going to suggest going to a doctor, but the sort of problem you're describing might be helped by a good physical therapist ...