Friday, June 10, 2011

Too hot to run outside!

It's been HOT! Now, if you're into 95 degrees and humid, this is for you. But if you're like me, this is 20 degrees too much. Running NEVER sounds like fun to me in this heat but even less so now that I'm pg. It's just too hard on the body. I'm trying to be creative, though, by finding other activities that keep me comfortable. I ran on a treadmill for the first time in years just a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't as bad as I remembered, but I would get sick of it quickly. Yesterday, I ran in the pool. That was a lot of fun! And just last weekend, DH and I were on our "Babymoon (a trip, similar to a Honeymoon, that couples take before the birth of their baby)" and our hotel's fitness center had a Natural Runner.

This was a cool machine, but it was beastly. It boasts of a "biomechanically correct stride pattern to minimize joint and muscle strain." The two ramps you see above both have "skates," so as you move your legs, you simulate running, but without the impact.

I thought this would be fun but it wasn't at all. It hurt. I last all of 1:xx my first attempt and I wanted to call a fireman to put out the flames in my quads. I eventually conquered a full 5 minutes on this thing, and while I was extremely wobbly afterwards, I lived to tell about it. Now I want one! I know I said I hated it but really, what better way to stay or get in shape than to do something that hands your ass to you? :)

Happy Running, guys and gals!

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