Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 Miles=Goal Met

I'm slouched over in the bed after a long ass ice bath and hot shower. And food. I'm ex-haus-ted. Truly. I think a nap is in the works.

Woke up at about 6:30 this morning and had some all-natural applesauce and water, debated on whether to put on shorts or capris and then took off. And since it's so new, I almost forgot my Garmin! LOL I got to Cherokee Park to meet Joe and Tom at a few minutes past 7:30 and we took off soon after--for what I thought was going to be a 6-8 mile run.

It SUCKED. Major sucked. My body wasn't into it, and my mind DEFINITELY wasn't into it. If they hadn't been there, I would have quit at 4 miles, no questions asked. I was over it by then.

But we kept running. We ran to Seneca Park, which is a neighboring park. There were SO MANY runners out today, I've never seen it so packed (and there's always a lot of activity there)! It's so much fun to run not only with Tom and Joe, but also to run in an area like that where there are so many other runners. You just don't feel so alone and it makes you feel like you're part of something bigger!

Those hills kicked my butt today. I just wasn't in it but Tom and I decided after 7 or so miles that we wanted to get in a full 10. I really WANTED it but I just felt like there was no way it could happen today. My goal for the end of the year was to run a 10 miler by the end of the year--and yeah, I did it about one month ago. But I haven't had the greatest month of running and I just felt like that November 10 miler got swept under the rug, only with a hope to revisit it next year. And I didn't like that hanging over my head--so I really wanted to run a 10 today.

I need to say something in full honesty right now--I totally, 100% know this to be true, and it's not one of those things you say to make people feel good or whatever--I COULD NOT HAVE DONE TODAY'S RUN WITHOUT TOM AND JOE. Period. There is absolutely no way that I would have made it. And I really appreciate Tom's help too...he stayed with me pretty much the entire time and my gosh, if he hadn't been there, no telling how much walking and crying I might have done. LOL I swear, these guys are awesome and I'm so glad to have some running buddies that are supportive and do not get on my nerves. That's a winning combo. LOL

I'm pretty much okay with having a lazy day for the rest of today--I need it. I'm pretty sore but (hey Joe, you listening?) my foot isn't hurting anymore after that ice bath. I poured all sorts of ice over my feet in there--so far so good.

Tomorrow starts HM Training. I'm pretty excited.


wmd said...

Sometimes your running buddies can be the right motivation to get you through your runs!

And it is true that when we run we are part os something bigger. Even when we are alone and it feels like nothing spectacular... we are still part of something bigger.

I Will have a 10 mile run early in 2009 and will start training for the Broad Street 10 Miler (philly) starting in Feb. Hopefully it goes well!

Congrats on doing that 10 miles... remember the harder it is the more rewarding!

tjohnson1970 said...

I'm just proud of you for staying with it. I know there were several times you wanted to walk but you continued.

I know there would have been a lot more walking from me as well, had I not been there with you guys, and I definately would not have finished 10 miles, so just as much credit goes to you.

We just have a winning combination, and I hope it lasts forever. You have a good nap and take it easy the rest of the day. You more than earned it.