Friday, December 26, 2008

Running on Peppermint Ice Cream

I need to stop eating so much. I hate to make another I've-been-eating-too-much-this-holiday-season blog but here it is. We all have them now I think, because we're all stuffing ourselves senseless. But you know, it just doesn't feel good to eat like this. I feel lethargic and funky all day. In a way, it's kinda fun to be drugged up on Better Cheddars, Big Red, Bruschetta and Peppermint Ice Cream but umm, I can only take so much.

I actually stopped at Kroger today just to buy a $3 container of pre-cut veggies to snack on. I'm sooo sick of eating JUNK! But I keep eating junk. So what gives?

I haven't been running a lot because of my foot. I really want it to heal properly before next week, which was the first week of my HM training. I'll get back on track with my diet but if my foot isn't at 100%, it's going to be very hard to give it my all. I did do 3 miles today in a bit of rain but it was just enough to get my foot sore and I think I pushed too hard early on and I just wore out before I knew it. Plus, it'd been about 5 days since I ran longer than a mile and I think my fitness had already declined. It's amazing.

I had an excellent Christmas and I'm just so appreciative of all of the love and good spirit that surrounded me these last few days. It's so great to see most everyone getting along and being calm and pleasant and just HAPPY.

And oh my, Santa brought me a Garmin 305! I cried!! I'm so happy to finally have this bad boy. I can't wait til I know how to use it 100%!!!!! It's so awesome!!

Let me know what's been up with you and how you're holding in there!

Oh I almost forgot--last week's poll! Turns out 80% of you all are running with one main goal in mind--reaching a certain pace/time. Looks like more of us need to be doing speedwork, eh? :) Take care, runners and everyone else!


I'm a slow runner said...

Peppermint icecream is my all time favorite! So hard to find too. Thank goodness!

Merry Christmas, congrats on the 305! I'm totally jealous.

wmd said...

I got a 305 as an early present a few weeks ago and it is GREAT! I love using it so much, I do not know what I would do without it.

Good luck with the HM training, and I hope your foot feels better!