Monday, December 1, 2008

Ryan Hall's Record Breaker

I've been a little obsessed with all things Half-Marathon lately. Now that this year is nearing its end, I'm getting nervous *already* about my first Half in April. So yeah, whenever I watch this, I get chills. I am not at all bored by any part of this video, even though it gets a bit "Cloverfield-ish" at some points. LOL

And I desperately want to go run right now, but really fast. Not slow. I also want someone to follow me during my races and record me. I wouldn't look nearly as good as he does.

He ran that Half Marathon in 59:43--just 8 more minutes than it took me to run my last 5 mile race. Bwahahha!!

I just finished a long, intense and grueling core workout, including my usual Mammoth Workout and I intended to do arms but umm, after that workout, I can't dream of doing anything to my poor arms. It's even hard for me to type this right now. I'm a bit shaky. I guess the pushups and the extended arm planks will be all of the upper body workout I'm getting today.


Some guy named John said...

The dude makes it look easy, alright!

wmd said...

That video is amazing! I love watching Ryan Hall ru, because he is such an inspiration physically and spiritually.

I love it when he is passing the power walkers.... and at points the other runners are so far behind you can not even see them.

Great video!