Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walk, run, or waddle--who cares!

Full disclosure: for a very long time, I looked at run/walking as a lame activity. It was something a person did when they didn't feel like pushing themselves. Or maybe they were trying to be something they weren't yet. (I said "yet!") And yeah, I've run/walked many times (even before pregnancy) and I still had the same thoughts about it. In an earlier post from December 28, 2010, I discuss my feelings on walking during a "run:"
I've been following that advice for a little over two weeks now and it's amazing how much more PHYSICALLY enjoyable my workouts have been. Yes, I'm still facing many MENTAL hurdles out there. I find myself wanting to scream to other runners and walkers that pass me, "I'm PREGNANT! That's why I have water in 17 degree temps and that's why I'm so sloooooow!" It's hard for me to get used to this whole having-to-stop-and-walk-when-I-get-short-of-breath thing. I'm so accustomed to pushing past the discomfort and making myself better and faster. Hills? No problem. I would race up them as fast as I could so that I would get stronger. Not anymore. Hills? No problem. Walk it, girl!

Do I still feel that way? Maybe a little bit--but it's the runner in me. I have a hard time letting go of the notion that runner's run, period. End of story. The ironic thing is that there are runner's out there that look at my fastest running pace and would probably laugh. Honestly, there are walkers out there that could outpace me. And I think they rock. But I'm hard on myself--and that's not a bad thing. It's what keeps me progressing.

At the beginning of this post, I warned you that I was going to be honest, so please try not to fault me for my silly little thoughts. Besides, I've matured. Perhaps this will help--having been forced into run/walking during the last several months, I've discovered the strength in it. Strength to not care (as much) what people think of me when I'm out there. Strength to care more for the growing baby boy inside of me than for myself. Strength to continue tough workouts by sprinkling in a balanced, solid activity like walking. How can that be lame? Walking has increased the duration of my running "life" during pregnancy, just as it can increase the health, strength and duration of actual life. So now, instead of feeling like walking during my run is weakness, I am thankful to have walking as an option. And I'm just as proud of myself!

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