Monday, October 20, 2008

I think I might need a second job...

Register for a race with it, kitteh!

It's not like the individual races cost that much, but when you start adding them up, it can be expensive! Now, I will say, I believe it's far worth it--PLUS, I went 5 months WITHOUT one race, so I'm sorta making up for lost time here. But the enjoyment I receive from getting up early on a Saturday morning and running around for no reason other than to prove something to myself (plus the excitement after teh race of eating lots of food to "recover" really gets me going too!) is worth every penny. Besides, what else would I do with it? Probably eat out one too many times, or buy a shirt or save it (that would be responsible) or buy something I don't really need. In a way, racing is my entertainment. And it definitely keeps me focused on training and my health!

Here's my current race list:

1. I registered for the KDF miniMarathon last month, which isn't actually until April 2009.
2. I am running the Home Run 5 Miler/5K this Saturday.
3. I would like to do the No Boundaries 5K or 10K on Nov. 1, especially since it's at 8AM. I LOVE earlier races, I have no idea why. Call me crazy.
4. I just completed the Race for the Cure 2 weeks ago.
5. I plan on registering for the Polar Bear Grand Prix (three races) very soon.
6. Registration just opened for the Louisville Triple Crown and I definitely plan on doing need to register today for it but I want to secure my spot! :)

I'm going to start a business in the third bedroom just to pay for my races!

What do you think?

Naw, not really. But a girl can dream, can't she? LOL (For the record, I found that picture on google images, and is not at all property of mine)!

Today's run was BLAH. I got off work and just had no desire to do anything other than sit around on my butt. But I didn't. I got dressed and ran. The first mile was fine I guess, but soon after, my legs felt like BRICKS! I did an easy 3 that was an out and back and on the way back, I felt like my whole body weighed a ton. I felt so lethargic but even so, I was unable to slow down enough to run at my planned pace--13:21. Throughout the run, I kept telling myself to slow down, but I ended at 38:56, which is a 12:59 pace. Just couldn't slow down enough to make goal. It's amazing how much I've progressed though. During today's run, I had two thoughts:

#1 -- The fact that I'm running as strong as I could and focusing on my form even though I felt so lethargic said something for my running mental health AND makes me feel like it'll be easier to get through both the easy AND the hard days, now.

#2 -- My easy and LSD runs used to be in the mid 14:00 area (earlier this year), and that took a lot out of me. Now I find it very difficult to slow down enough to run a 13:00 pace. That means I'm getting faster and/or fitter. I'm proud of my improvement!

Tomorrow is my tempo run but I'm going to have to do it at a track--hopefully I'll be able to find one that's open to the public!

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Some guy named John said...

Don't EVEN get me started on race entry fees! I do agree that it's worth every penny - most of the time.