Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No running, just updating nothing

Today was my rest day, and I drank some wine and somehow fell asleep at the computer. I just woke up in the bed after a nice little nap and feeling pretty good about the whole experience. Me and Running will have make up love tomorrow.

I miss my shoes though. But I just had the best dinner, I LOVE Fazoli's chicken broccoli bake. I don't think anything should taste that good, and it's not good for you. Nothing that tastes REALLY good is actually good for you.

Based on my Smart Coach Training Plan, I have an easy run planned tomorrow--a mere 2 miles at a slow pace. I'm going to have to fight the urge to do more than that or go faster--I guess this is where the modifying takes place. I don't want to do too much but 2 miles at 13:21 isn't much of a workout. I guess I could make it into one...and spend most of my time on core exercises and strength training. Thanks for letting me talk that out with you! :)

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