Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Week In...An Update on Last Week

Exactly 7 days ago, almost to the hour, I was getting fitted for the first time for a new pair of running shoes. I felt legitimatized! :)

This day also marks the beginning of my training week, and the beginning of week 2 of training for the miniMarathon in April. It's a long way away but I'm so worried about my ITBS flaring up that I'm working on an extended plan that slowly increases my mileage and will allow me to run 13-14 miles a couple of times before the Mini. One thing I've learned about myself in the last few months as I've increased my mileage to levels of which I've never before been capable is that the first time is very difficult. The second time is noticeably easier. And the third time, it almost feels like I've been doing it for months. So if I can get at least 3 13+ mile runs in before the Mini, I'll feel pretty good about completing it.

This week in training was a successful week and a quality week. I didn't log a gigantic amount of miles but that wasn't my goal and it will not be my goal for the first month. I logged more than the plan required but within reason and in good health. I challenged myself, I worked hard, I took it easy when I had to and even though it was just the first week, I feel great about my ability to continue on this path for the next 5-6 months.

The weather is perfect for me right now, but I know that soon, it will get cooler and darker and maybe we'll get snow and ice and I won't want to get out there. But I will and I'm trying to make it easier to do so by shopping for winter gear right now. If I have what I need to tough the streets in cold, snow and ice, I'll have no real excuse this winter. And I'll finally be HAPPY to not have to run in the morning, since the temps will be so freaking cold!

I hope everyone else is doing great!

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