Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeling lighter on my feet...I hope.

The Mizuno Inspire 3.

Went to Swag's Sport Shoes today and asked to be fitted for a new pair of shoes, after dropping off my registration for the T-Day 5 miler. The gentleman that helped me was VERY friendly and nice. I explained my issues with my current shoes to him and asked for something lighter, just as stable and something that would allow me to do a little bit of trail running comfortably too. He asked if I had allegiance to Mizuno (since I was wearing them), and I explained to him that I wanted whatever shoe made my feet feel good, as long as they were in my budget.

I tried on a great pair of Adidas, the Supernova Sequence (have to say I'm sorta sad they didn't work, I really liked them but the fit in the toe box wasn't for me at all), and a pair of Asics--both of which I've never had before. The Asics he offered just didn't have enough give--I like a more flexible shoe than that. I ended up with the Mizuno Inspire 3 (last season's model), so I got a GREAT price on them. And since I came in under budget, I decided to buy a few extra GU's so I could try some new flavors!

I'll definitely hit up Swag's again for shoes. I go there occasionally anyway for other items but for shoes, I believe I'll patronize them again. Always great people in there.

Maybe I'll go back to buy these:

Just joking...for now, anyway. :)


Thomas said...

I hope you like your shoes. I have yet to try a pair of Mizuno's. Both pair I have bought so far have been new Balance. I still need to go to Swag's to be properly fitted.

Anonymous said...

So what can you do with your new Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4? Can you give them back or you'll keep them? I am not sure how things like that go in the States. Here it is only Nike that allows you "borrow" shoes and try them for a race or a simple training. And on certain days only, say, once a week. Maybe it's the same with Nike even over there...