Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Running--The Present

So maybe you read my Nov. 2 entry about my running experience from childhood through now...

Remember this portion from the previous entry:

For many years, I said that my peak running fitness was during my college years. I started running more seriously around age 19 and because I had a few friends from my school's track team, I was doing more intense workouts with them and actually contemplated walking on the team, myself. I frequently ran 4 miles every other day, and to me, that was MAJOR.

Notice the term "for many years?" I can't say that anymore. I am currently at my peak running fitness--almost 10 years later. I'm nearing 29 and though I'm not fast (and I probably can't run the mile as fast as I could then), I'm definitely in better running shape than I was back then. I just ran over 8 miles yesterday (distance PR) at Bernheim--through difficult trails and on gravel and concrete. Give me a hill to run and I'll take that baby on. I know what a tempo run is. I work my core. I love to road race! I WORK HARD, I FEEL GOOD AND I RUN. I'M AT MY BEST EVER. PERIOD.

That's how I feel about now. Even after a rough 3 days--because I'm more than those days. I'm proof that putting forth effort and being dedicated WILL help you achieve your goals.

2008 was MY year with Running. I know that I will look back at this year with pride. I will be able to look at my racing bibs from this year (I keep them all and laminate them after I write my time on the back) and remember that it was a year of many firsts. We have had a great year together and I know that I can take the credit because I stopped wondering when Running was going to do something for me and started planning what I could do for Running. When I took responsibility, I finally reaped the benefits.

I've raced, I've gotten faster, I've conquered fears and done things to my body that I never thought was possible. I've worked on my mental strength and learned a lot about MYSELF. And I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Next up: The Future.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I do the exact same things with my bibs (I have only 2 now but there's a lot more to come later :D)and have the exact same way of thinking of 2008 and Running now! How amazing!!!

tjohnson1970 said...

Well I've only recently gotten to know you, but it sounds like you have a lot to be proud of this year. I also am collecting my racing bibs. My wife does scrap books, and I'm trying to talk her into doing one for me. I also wanted to think you for your motivation. It's contagious, and it helps me to stay motivated.