Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nothing more than an update...

So the majority of you all like it long and slow. :) In the last poll, 66% of you prefer long, slow distance runs! Apparently, the challenge of the longer distance at a comfortable pace (and probably on a relaxing off day) is the most enjoyable training run!

Speaking of long runs, I had the pleasure of running with some friends on Saturday morning at Bernheim Forest. It was my first group run experience (I've run with one other person before, but that's it!) and I really enjoyed myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how great it was--I've always been apprehensive about group running for many reasons, including the fact that I'm comfortable running alone, I thought it would be uncomfortable to talk to people during the workout and I also worried about performance/fitness differences within the group (i.e. being left all alone because I'm too slow! haha). However, all of my fears were put to rest during my run with Tom and Joe and in fact, I had a great time running with them and a great run. It is amazing how easy the run felt and how quickly it went. I can't wait for the next group run with them! Maybe we'll get some more cool people to join us, too!

This week in running--Thanksgiving is race day! It's my first T-Day race! I'm fairly excited about it and I hope I can finish the 5 miles around the 55:00 mark! My last 5 mile race was last month and I completed it in just over 53:00--but this race course is more hilly and I doubt that I'll be able to complete it in that time. I'll try though!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! This is my favorite holiday of the year and I can't wait until all of my cooking and preparation is done so that I can enjoy my race and the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Thomas said...

It was a pleasure, and I look forward to our next run as well.