Saturday, February 14, 2009

5K's are Harder and Why Didn't We Bring a Camera?

First of all, I'm tired of not having a great pictures to document each of my races. I wish I could clone myself and have Picture Taking Me stand along the race route and get all the good pictures while Runner Me runs. I wish I had a way to comfortably carry my camera and snap snap snap along the way. I just hate not having those memories in picture form.

So I've decided that I prefer running races that are 5 miles or up. I think the short distance races are much harder and they take a lot more out of me. I've done several 5Ks and a 4K and neither distance was entirely pleasurable. I find that I enjoy the steady, slightly slower nature of the longer races and I hope that the Half Marathon proves no different.

In shorter races, I'm contantly thinking "Oh you don't have much more. Not much more! Keep pushing!" I hate that! Because it's ALWAYS longer than you think it will be. When I run 5-6 mile races, I don't start thinking about the finish until mile 4 or so--mentally it's just not as taxing to me.

That being said, though, I had fun as usual. I'm tired. But what a great Valentines Day! DBF and I took care of our hearts this morning and got a great race under our belts and had fun together. <3

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Ed Hammerbeck said...

I feel the same way about 5Ks. I prefer the longer distances for all those same reasons.