Friday, February 6, 2009

6.5 miles through hell?

Okay so it wasn't as bad as Hell. I got up this morning a little skeptical about running just because I was worried about my knee. I went for it anyway, though, because I was pretty confident in my self diagnosis. I parked at Cherokee Park--which was basically closed. There were folks out there running but there were lots of workers with chainsaws everywhere. The path is NOT cleared by any stretch of the imagination--and in some spots, there is only enough room for a car to travel on the pedestrian section. There's just too much ice and snow still, so I took my run out of the park and into some of the neighborhoods in the Highlands.

It was a nice run except for the sliding on the ice a couple of times, a branch attack that scratched my eye and then the weirdest part of all...

I was running down a back street and I saw a woman walking toward me in the distance on the other side of the road. Each step I took, I noticed that not only were we getting closer to each other, but she was actually crossing over to MY side of the road. I looked to see if her side wasn't clear but her side was actually MORE clear than the side I was running on. She continued to cross over closer to me and in no time--she was right in front of me about 8 feet away. I had three options: go to my right (and her left) into the middle of the road, go to my left (her right) into a huge patch of ice or just stop.

I wasn't going to go to my right just for the principle of it--that's where SHE had just come from. Why should I move for HER when she was already on the other side of the street and had NO need to be on MY side coming right at me.

I wasn't going to go to my left into the ice because it was ICE...and I had already had too many dangerous close calls.

So I stopped running. Her arm brushed mine and it was like it was all in slow motion. I watched, TOTALLY STUNNED, as she walked past me. She wasn't just walking past me like people do on sidewalks, she was ULTRA close. I watched her until she got behind me. I said audibly, "Woooooow. Oh. My. Gosh."

And then I took off again.

What on EARTH would have been her reasoning to cross a street and walk right into someone? LOL

At least I got my run in...6.5 weird miles. :)


Some guy named John said...

Hell is full of lost souls. Maybe she was one of them? Who knows? That IS weird ...

Glad to hear the knee let you get your run in, though!

Ed Hammerbeck said...

Oddness. I didn't have that kind of adventure today. I ran through Cherokee with a couple folks from the running group. I was supposed to guide them through the park because they were unfamiliar with it, but I totally lost them around Big Rock. It all worked out, though. We ended up running into each other on the return trip.

tjohnson1970 said...

Maybe she just wanted to be close to you. :)

Who really knows, just glad you made it out there.