Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nathan Speed 2 Fuel Belt Review

I actually own this model in blue--it looks great! Today was my first run with it and it actually went better than I expected.


I typically wear a medium pant, but I went with the small belt and it fits reasonably well over my running gear. I would suggest suiting up in your favorite running gear and taking a measurement to get an accurate fit.


As most users say, the belt is only slightly noticeable when you first put it on and start running. Admittedly, I forgot about it after a few steps, which is just what you want. Also, the velcro strap and the limited stretch waistband provide a secure fit without being too tight.


Zero bouncing. I did have one problem with the belt, however. It started to slide upward during the run, forcing me to adjust it frequently. In fairness, however, this was only a small inconvenience when compared to the great benefits of this belt.


The pockets are sufficient in size--I comfortably carry cash, keys, chapstick and a gu packet or other type of fuel. Cell phone would also fit.

Overall, this is a great product and I definitely recommend it. The 2 bottle (10 ounces each) belt is sufficient for someone completing long runs around 2 hours, depending on your hydration needs. Highly recommended.

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Ed Hammerbeck said...

I've got the four-bottle version of this belt and love it. It's perfect. I can fill two or four bottles depending on the length of my run, and keep my keys someplace where they won't chafe or otherwise bother me.