Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7 Miles

I ran a full 7 miles for the first time ever on Sunday morning. It wasn't easy at all, especially being on a hilly path like I was. But I did it, and I kept pushing myself with thoughts of why I was out there, and a couple of personal mantras to keep myself going when I didn't feel like it.

What I noticed about my workout: it was actually easy during flat parts, so I know I was keeping a good pace. I never felt like I was going to collapse because I couldn't breathe, and I felt pretty steady for the most part. The hills were difficult to attack after mile 4, though. Once I leveled up, I reminded myself that it WOULD feel better after my body adjusted to the flat ground, and it always DID feel better.

My biggest concern: my leg muscles (and even my arm muscles, to a certain extent--partially because of my 100 push-ups workout making them sore in the first place) were not able to endure for anything more than about 6 miles or so. They were sore during the run and were concerns. I kept pushing through though because I knew I had to get my muscles the oxygen they need and train them to know that they can hold me up for longer distances. So hopefully, next time I run my LSD, it will go a little bit easier.

Something that made me happy: Other than the fact that I actually DID it, I haven't been sore. I stretched before and after as I always do with every workout. But I also came home and had a shower. After tough workouts, I take a hot shower and toward the end, change it to cool/cold. That always helps my soreness too. Also, I stretched a couple of times later that day. I also had a great meal after the run at Havana Rumba, which was DEFINITELY beneficial! :) The Cubano Vegetariano is my favorite dish there so far. But I have some more experimentation to do there. I wonder how much a mojito would help? LOL

Yesterday was definitely a rest day after my LSD on Sunday and today is a rest/X-Training day. I might ride my bike a little bit after work today to get in a little bit of a workout, and it's going to be NICE out today. YAY!

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