Monday, August 18, 2008

Reminder of Why Running IS Fun

So I went for my run this morning at one of my favorite parks--it's got a nice bunch of uphills that really make you work, and at the same time, make you appreciate level ground a whole lot more. But my run this morning was so pleasant, the weather was just right for me--a little chilly first out of the house, so a jacket is a necessity, but once you're running, it feels perfect! I was taking it easy out there on those hills, which made it easier to take in the greens, browns and blues and of course, the golden sun light shining through them all! I was about halfway through my run when I just realized how awesome the whole scene was, and how good I felt running. I usually feel pretty good when I'm running, or at least AFTER the run, but once every few months or so, that day just flutters in and reminds you why you run, why it's fun and how good it feels to be one with the pavement, the trails, the gravel, the was my day.

My only hope is that it doesn't flutter by too fast!

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