Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why You Don't Buy Junk Food

Because you eat it.

Granted, I've had a valid excuse for the amount of junk food I've inhaled today, which is actually none of your business, thank you! But that doesn't make it RIGHT. So I've totally eaten like a piggie and it hasn't even been good food like a pizza or a Blizzard or anything, but just bits and pieces of empty calories (with the exception of dinner, which was a veggie plate with garlic bread) that do nothing to promote my health or advance me in my fitness goals. WAY TO GO!

Today was a day of rest for me too, which makes the intake of junk even worse. The Fair was lots of fun yesterday but all that walking ended up being a X-Training day (what? I can do that) and I gave myself today off. I will let you know if I hit the pavement tomorrow, which I so desperately need to do. I'm off schedule, my house is a mess and I feel totally off balance! NOT COOL!

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