Friday, August 22, 2008

Running for the Border and Why I Run in the AM

Just finished dinner, which was surprisingly DE-LISH! Drove past Taco Bell on the way to the Park to run and got the idea in my head to have that for dinner. I thought about it during my run too, so as soon as I cooled down and stretched, I hit the car and ran for the border. LOL I love their 79 cent, 89 cent, 99 cent menu. Sure, the food is high in EVERYTHING you can imagine that is unhealthy for you but it was a cheap meal and it sure tasted yummy!

Better than that low sodium V8 I drank earlier. Now, it wasn't HORRIBLE, I've had worse (like my brussel sprouts last night) but it definitely wouldn't qualify as a pleasant experience. The after taste was bearable, as long as you can deal with the taste of tomato soup. What was so nasty was the taste when you FIRST take a sip and it hits your tongue. I'll try it again, in a glass and with something, as my mom suggested.

The run today was murderous. I ran 3.5 miles, doing intervals and ended with some plyometrics. Prior to my workout and during my stretching exercises, I was very aware of how strong I felt and how ready I was to run. This all changed after I ran about a mile, it didn't feel so good at all and the humidity in the 90 degree weather was something that I could do without. I actually ended up walking a few times during my workout because I just couldn't deal with the heat. My legs felt heavy and a passerby told me she couldn't exert any energy today because of the heat, so I didn't feel so alone. During the entire workout, I kept thinking "This is why I do this at 7am, this is why..."

A young boy ran by me, ready to collapse at any moment and I just worried about him so much. It was far too hot for him to be running that hard in that heat. When I passed him again (or should I say when he passed me, because his pace was much faster than mine) he looked even WORSE than the first time I saw him and I just wonder why he was out there this evening, killing himself like that! I hope he got enough liquids when he finished!

I'm about to go do my Mammoth Workout, one of my favorite workouts, in case you didn't know! Here it is for any of you runners that want to know what it is...

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