Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gay Fails to Make it Out of Semifinal Heat

Okay, I was wrong. But it seems that Michael Johnson was probably right. And I must reiterate something. Bolt is a beast.

He JOGGED the semifinal race in 9.85, looking around casually, because he had time to do so. He made it look so easy. He actually looked like he was watching TV. The picture below is one of him NOT running...which looks about 75% more casual than I look when I'm doing a simple run around the neighborhood in the morning.

Gay's semifinal race was heartbreaking for me to watch. I felt only a part of his frustration and disappointment. He made no excuses for his performance (which is typical of the humble athlete) which wasn't good enough to qualify him for the final 100m race . But you have to wonder if his hamstring was fully healed. Is it possible that the false start was enough to throw his focus and concentration so much that it hindered his performance? Call me weak minded or easily distracted, but I think that would do it for me, especially in a high stress situation like that. And I don't think that it gets anymore high stress than the OLYMPICS!

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