Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Struggle Breeds Strength, No Point in Being Down

I woke up and thought I was going to be able to take it "easy" today but then it hit me..."Girl, you need to run today! DUH!"

So I did. I got up and got ready and hit the pavement (makes me want to sing that Adele song!). I pulled out a 3.5 miles in 40 minutes, which isn't good, no. But for me, it's okay. What's so bad about it is that I THOUGHT I was giving it a pretty good effort and going at a faster than normal pace. At the end, I just couldn't give anymore. I just calculated the distance to be a bit over 3.5 miles and I'm BUMMED! I thought for sure I had done a good 4 miles.

My pace for today's workout was roughly 11:19 and it didn't feel easy. I'm bummed but it's good to see reality. If I'm not out there giving it my best (even IF my best isn't good compared to others), I won't ever improve. So I can't be down on myself, I'm fighting through and with good reason. Like I always say, struggle breeds strength.

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